Honduras May Join ALBA

President Manuel Zelaya assured Hondurans that his government is studying the advantages offered by The Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of our America (ALBA).

He said in a press conference that Honduras needs new forms of commercial association with more dignity.

Zelaya stressed that the country has been an observer member for four months of that mechanism, which is boosted by Venezuela and Cuba.

The dignitary clarified that mainly the economic and conservative sectors are opposed to the country’s joining the integration agreement, explaining they want to keep control of their monopolies.

Criticism first came from those opposed to PETROCARIBE, who now reject any type of initiative in favor of opening international borders to help Honduras solve its energy and food problems, he emphasized.

Zelaya said that ex foreign minister Milton Jimenez represented the country at ALBA’s sixth meeting, held in Venezuela.

He affirmed that he will soon study the regional agreement’s statutes and its advantages to learn about the possibilities the economic-political entity has for Latin America.

The Honduran dignitary said that ALBA is a humanitarian entity aimed at improving the peoples’ conditions and equality among nations.

ALBA is an integration proposal oppose to the Free Trade Treaty of the Americas (ALCA), boosted by United States that emphasizes on the struggle against poverty and social exclusion and expresses the interest of Latin American peoples.

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