Honduras National Police find more Gold Weapons in San Pedro Sula

San Pedro Sula

Authorities have found found weapons, gold, silver and saddles to in shielded inside a mansion raided this Wednesday morning in the residential neighborhood of Bella Vista, San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

The Honduras National Police along with the San Pedro Sula Fire Department have found weapons, gold as well as silver belts and saddles in a room shielded inside a mansion raided this Wednesday morning in the exclusive residential neighborhood of Bella Vista (The most exclusive in of San Pedro Sula), to the North of Honduras in the industrial capital of the country.

Firefighters opened the shielded room located by the authorities with acetylene. Still remaining to open are two safes and briefcases with jewels. Authorities presume that it will take at least six hours to be able to cover the residence in its entirety since they have yet to open secured armor proof areas inside.

At least three security guards were arrested in the interior of the House. So far the police has not given names of those involved in the alleged case of organized crime.

According to preliminary information this raid was carried out after the discovery of an arsenal of weapons including a gold AK47 with gold and diamonds, last Friday in Choloma.

As of the morning of January 10th, 2013 Police have not released any names of the owner of the Mansion; however they have stated that more raids will be conducted today. They also said that it is pointless to give out the registered name of the property as it is just a collaborator who has “loaned their name out” and they are on the trail of the “real” owner. We expect more updates to this story throughout the day.

Drug Raid in San Pedro Sula yields legal documentation

Over 200 hundred legal documents recovered during Narcotics investigations by Honduras Police

Update Friday morning January 11th, 2013 :

Yesterday two more large luxury homes were raided by the Honduran National police in Colonia Tara in San Pedro Sula, although the investigation of these two homes turned up many “empty” hidden closets and compartments, police did recover over 200 Legal documents providing details of more homes, properties, vehicles and more importantly BANK ACCOUNTS! Stay tuned for more as police are still not releasing any names. As a side note, it has been very evident that “the boss” is hooked on horses as the number of equine related decorations, saddles, magazines and photographs recovered is overwhelming proudly on display.

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Authors note: Colonia Bella Vista in San Pedro Sula is “The” most exclusive neighborhood in the city of San Pedro Sula and could be compared to the likes of the suburb of Lake Forest in Chicago where the mansions are “old money” the owners and residents are mostly related in one way or another and the “BIG NAMES” that have been around for years are the ones who live in this neighborhood. As a kid growing up in San Pedro Sula we all “Dreamed” of one day owning a home in Bella Vista. Yes there are new comers living in Bella Vista now, but even winning the lottery will not insure you can find a home in this exclusive venue.

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