Honduras Police Director El Tigre Bonilla Shows his Text Book Leadership


By Jonathan

Many things have been said about our new police director here in Honduras over the past several months since President Lobo gave him the reigns of the entire law enforcement in Honduras. Many have criticized his past; but no one can dispute his results!  Tiger Bonilla, as he likes to be called, is a topic of discussion in just about every household in this country these days.

Juan Carlos Bonilla new director of the national Police known as "El Tigre" (the tiger)

“The Tiger” Director of the Honduras National Police

I want to take this opportunity to commend his text book management and leadership style displayed this past week. In the wake of an unfortunate incident at a hotel in Copan this past weekend, he took no chances, and instead of spending a bunch of time investigating this, and putting up with the nagging press who constantly is spreading stories about police corruption in Honduras, he did what all leaders are supposed to do! He replaced the entire law enforcement staff in the entire area of Copan (which borders Guatemala and is the subject of many drug related issues).

This is extremely important to the country of Honduras, as other than being the home of one of the most historical Mayan Civilizations ever discovered, it is part of the Ruta Maya also referred to as “Mundo Maya”, and the center of increased world wide attention the next few months as they host the “End of the World” festivities that so many tourists, archaeologists, explorers and Mayan scholars will be attending on December 21, 2012.

The last thing Copan and Honduras need right now is a a bunch of bad press, as this is a historic event that comes along only once in all of our lifetimes. It signals the end of the Mayan Calendar cycle, not the end of the world, as many have dubbed it. Yes, our country is in desperate need of some ‘good’ for a change, and I believe that what Tigre Bonilla did was 100% the right move, and every text book on “leadership” says it is!

Also, the way he made his move was not to accuse any particular police officer or unit; he just called the entire law enforcement units to Tegucigalpa for a talk, and follow up investigation. Now Copan and Honduras can show the world that there is a 100% brand new force sent to protect them by the Tiger himself.  This means that the Preventive Police, Tourism Police, Transit Police, Investigative Police, Internal Affairs Police, Anti Kidnapping Police, Forensics Police, etc., even the elite Cobra unit was sent home to Tegucigalpa and replaced with new units. I once again commend this action and applaud his “Style”.

Let’s hope for the good of us all here in Honduras, that it proves to be the right move. Don’t forget to find a way to come and spend your winter vacation in Copan!

This is my first of many editorials to come and does not in anyway reflect the opinions of the management of HondurasNews.com your  feedback is welcome and appreciated.


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