Honduras Police Director Tiger Bonilla to Be Replaced

New Honduras Minister of Security Arturo CorralesThe new Minister of Security, Arturo Corrales, who assumed office today, will remove the Director of the National Police of Honduras, Juan Carlos “the Tiger” Bonilla.

With the arrival of a new Minister of Security, Bonilla is expected to be removed as part of the many changes taking place for a new security strategy; or, more likely, as a way to unlock the financial aid that the U.S. Congress withheld due to alleged human rights violations by the police chief.  (In March, the US Secretary of State for International Narcotics Bureau, William Brownfield, revealed that U.S. AID withheld $ 11 million to Honduras for that situation.)

Honduras Police Director Tiger Bonilla)

“The Tiger” will be leaving his post as Director of the Honduras National Police

The names being considered to replace Bonilla are Mirna Suazo, the rector of the Police Education System, and Police Commissioner, and Cesar Augusto Somoza, who is a former General Inspector of the National Police.

The members of the National Security Council (Conasin – Consejo Nacional de Seguridad Interior) had a meeting to analyze the performance of Eduardo Villanueva as head of the Directorate for Investigation and Evaluation of Police (DIECP – Dirección de Investigación y Evaluación de la Carrera Policial). Bonilla, who attended this meeting, said, “I’m going to say something important, which is to ratify the professionalism of the people”… “I want to say that he (Villanueva) did the work under the framework of the law; he is a very legal person under the framework of the law, who I have long admired and respected”.

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