Honduras Police Officer Suspected of the murder of University Students turns himself in to Honduras Human Rights Organization

One of the police officers accused by the public prosecutor for the death of the two University, among them the son of the Rector of the National Autonomous University, Julieta Castellanos, Rafael Alejandro Vargas Castellanos (22) and his friend Carlos David Rodriguez Pineda (24), surrendered yesterday to justice, official sources confirmed.

Arnulfo Santos Padilla Rodríguez (28) is the policeman who surrendered yesterday after more than one year of riding a fugitive with the protection of the National Commissioner for human rights (CONADEH). Padilla Rodríguez was the radio operator of the M1-92 patrol involved in the double murder which also moved the sub inspector Carlos Geovanny Galeas Cruz (23); Wilfredo Figueroa Velásquez (31) – these two still at large-; like José Rubén Pozzo López (25), who was the first to surrender to law enforcement authorities.

According to a testimony given to third parties by the sub inspector Galeas Cruz (also an accomplice), Padilla Rodriguez last year is directly responsible for the deaths of both University. Also, former agent Pozzo López (25) confirmed this version of events, when asked you at hearing of Declaration of the accused before a judge assigned to the case. Pozzo López is with judicial detention.

From early hours yesterday, Padilla Rodriguez arrived at the headquarters of CONADEH, being allegedly moved minutes later from the Honduran air force facilities to confront the respective judicial proceedings against him, a judge of national jurisdiction. This was confirmed by the spokesman of the Ministry of security, Hector Ivan Mejia, and in turn called for two other officers involved in this case to present themselves to face justice.

For safety reasons the location where the defendant is being held was not revealed, although within a period of six days there will be the initial hearing required y law and more details will be made available; Note that the initial public hearing may be called at any time.

Martín Orlando Ortéz, class III’s police.
Gabriel Donatilo Macías Hernández, agent.
Wilson Roberto Córdova Rodríguez, agent.
José Manfredo Fúnez Colindres, agent.
José Rubén Pozzo López (25), agent.
Arnulfo Santos Padilla Rodriguez (28), agent.

Carlos Geovanny Galeas Cruz (23), inspector.
Wilfredo Figueroa Velásquez (31), agent.

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