Honduras President Determined to Allow REDs

President Porfirio (“Pepe”) Lobo Sosa is determined to make Model Cities in Honduras a reality, despite the fact that the Honduras’ Supreme Court of Justice [CSJ] ruled last Wednesday that the legislation creating Special Development Regions [REDs] (also known as Model Cities), is unconstitutional.

Honduras Supreme Court Building in TegucigalpaThe President said , “[I]f Honduran society today is afraid to make the leap, we’ve talked with the Supreme Court of Justice about sitting down to dialogue and about what changes would have to be made for [the RED] to be compliant with the law.”

As the CSJ’s decision was not unanimous (4-1), the full plenary of 15 justices will be ruling on the decision. Chief Justice Jorge Rivera Avilés has set October 17, 2012 as the determining date.

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