Honduras President Lobo Condems Journalist Abduction

President of Honduras
The Presidency of the Republic communicates to the Honduran people and the international community, as follows:

1. Condemnation of the abduction of the journalist Ángel Alfredo Villatoro Rivera, Coordinator of the news radio station HRN.

2. That due to the seriousness and gravity of the case, the Ministry of Security is working together with the Public Ministry and investigative teams who are in the country and offering assistance, several friendly countries, in order to be more effective in finding the whereabouts of Mr. Villatoro Rivera and arresting his captors.

3. We accompany you in your concern for the family of journalist Ángel Alfredo Villatoro Rivera, and we join the call of the churches to pray that this lamentable fact concludes with a happy ending.

4. Finally, the Government of the Republic reiterates its solidarity with all the newspaper guilds, and society in general, that very closely follows this criminal event.

President Lobo, during a Cabinet meeting broadcast on Honduras television, requested “his prompt release and respect for his life.” Saying that Villatoro is, “A great journalist, we pray to God and we have faith that everything will work out fine.”

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