Honduras Presidential Candidate Announced

The former chief of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces of Honduras, Romeo Vásquez Velásquez, yesterday officially announced his candidacy for the presidency of Honduras.

Honduran Patriotic Alliance PartyHe is running as the candidate of the newly created Honduran Patriotic Alliance Party. The Patriotic Alliance of Honduras (Alianza Patriotica de Honduras), was founded by ex-military officers to support the presidential candidacy of the retired general Romeo Vásquez Velásquez, a soldier for 37 years.

“The country needs me, I want to direct the destinies of Honduras as president because I have the firm conviction that I can take the country forward,” said Vásquez in a hotel in Tegucigalpa.

Vásquez said he will not, “hesitate to respond to the request of thousands of Hondurans who have asked me to lead a change and act now.”

Vásquez resigned last week from his position as manager of the Honduras’s telecommunications company (Hondutel) to concentrate on his campaign.

The 2013 Honduras Elections will be held November 30, 2013 with eight candidates vying for the Presidency of Honduras.

The National Party candidate is the President of Congress, Juan Orlando Hernández, for the Liberal Party, the candidate is Mauricio Villeda, and the LIBRE’s candidate is Xiomara Castro.

The Anti-Corruption Party candidate is TV presenter Salvador Nasralla, the Frente Amplio Político Electoral en Resistencia (FAPER) has chosen Andrés Pavón, and the candidate of the Christian Democratic Party is Lucas Aguilera.

The Democratic Unification and the Social Democratic Innovation and Unity parties have not yet appointed their candidates.

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