Honduras Prison Fire – Update

Alex Turcio, who has survived the fire reported, “Everyone ran for their lives.” Sleeping inmates awoke to screams, and scrambled to find any way out of the prison that they could, Turcio said.
He believes five of the prison units were engulfed in flames.

Tuesday night’s fire at the minimum security prison in Comayagua, brought hundreds of family members clamoring to the scene for information of their loved ones.

At the prison gates, one official read aloud to the crowd, the names of the survivors. The whereabouts of 105 inmates are still unknown, it is possible some may have survived the blaze and escaped. Officials indicated that many of the bodies would require DNA analysis for identification.
Relatives Await Word of Vicitms
Security Minister Pompeyo Bonilla said, “I understand the worry and demands of the people, but we have to abide by the law.” “We have the best intention to give answers to the families as soon as possible.”

The blaze broke out at 11 p.m. Tuesday (12 a.m. Wednesday ET).

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