Honduras Private Cities Ruled Unconstitutional by the Supreme Court

Honduras Supreme Court Building in TegucigalpaFour judges of the Honduran Supreme Court voted in favor of an interposed appeal against the decree to reform articles 304 and 329, giving the green light to the creation of the “Private Cities” / Model Cities / REDs. Because the vote by the members of the Supreme court must be unanimous the decree for the creation of the private cities was ruled unconstitutional. By virtue of which there were four votes in favour and one against the remedy of unconstitutionality, the plenary of 15 judges will issue a final decision.

UPDATE: October 18th 2012, By a vote of 13 to 1 The final decision by the Honduran Supreme Court put an end to the hopes for free cities in Honduras by confirming the plan is unconstitutional.

To Chinchilla was him to challenge because months ago he accompanied to authorities of the Executive and legislative branches on a tour of Asia to visit the “model cities”.

In addition, the lawyers questioned the relationship or close link with the Secretary and President of the National Congress, Rigoberto Chang and Juan Orlando Hernández.

The judges who voted in favor of the remedy of unconstitutionality are Jose Antonio Gutierrez Navas, José Francisco Ruiz, Edith María López (substituting for Rosalinda Cruz, who is sick) and Gustavo Enrique Bustillo Palma.

What’s next?

Now, in theory, the Supreme Court of Justice has 10 days to make the plenary of judges meet and to rule for or against the decision of the Constitutional Chamber. The final ruling may be by majority or unanimous.

With all the bumps in the road that this model cities project has faced over the past month, one has to question that even if the private cities project is approved constituionally; will th international community believe in the stated objective of transperancy.

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