Honduras: SAG to install drying plant for onions

The Minister of Agriculture and Livestock (SAG), Jacobo Paz, announced on Thursday that the SAG would install a dryer plant for onions in Ocotepeque, western Honduras.


Honduras to Import Onions making it possible to regulate the marketing of onions based on domestic production and imports.

The plant will be installed as a result of the protests onion producers held in several parts of the country, denouncing the import of the product.
Paz said that there have been no imports of that product from another nation, specifically from the Netherlands, as was claimed by producers.
“The SAG, through the National Agricultural Health Service, hasn’t approved any imports since January 2015, what we had was an excess of production,” he said.
In addition, climate change caused the entire production from different parts of the country to come out at the same time, before the production came out in stages, he added.
In that sense, he said, they will install a drying plant in Ocotepeque and they already have located the resources to start the project.

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