Honduras Prepares San Pedro Sula for Rainy Season

The Honduras rainy season will be under way in another month, and at least two areas of San Pedro Sula will be prepared for it.

San Pedro Sula Construction of Rainwater CollectorsThe construction of rainwater collectors in El Playón and Jardines del Valle has advanced considerably, and the projects are expected to be complete at the end of October, according to the Superintendent of Public Works and Urbanism, engineer Fredy Fugón.

Fugon boasted that the El Playón project has advanced to 92 percent complete, and reported they are currently forming the ground to proceed with the paving of the road adjacent to the collector.

Fugon explained that these collectors will help eliminate damages caused by rains, such as flooding in the neighborhoods of El Country, El Predregal, Universidad and Zorzales, and will provide better road conditions as well.

Rain Water Collectors in San Pedo Sula

Rain Water Collectors in San Pedo Sula

The other rainwater project is 98 percent complete. The construction area ranges from Price Smart down to the Piedras River (Río de Piedras).

This project captures water from the higher parts of the city, and subverts it to the river, solving problems that arise along the boulevard from the north to the La Antorcha supermarket during the rainy season.

The crew is currently completing the drain, caps, curbs and paving.

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