Honduras Sees Bittersweet Win in World Cup

After one of the most watched World Cup events ever, Spain has emerged as the Gold Cup winner. After overcoming a very strong, and talented team from The Netherlands (Holland) in double over time, an impressive goal claimed a victory for Spain.

Yet, a year after a so called, “coup” in Honduras, televisions’ soccer fans, who are fanatics of the game (it is a major part of the Honduran culture), gathered around televisions in every conceivable place possible; everywhere from truchas, pulperias, road side service stops, and of course, the U.S. chain conglomerates, TGIF and Applebee’s, Chili’s restaurants, etc. and saw people who were backing Holland.

This was a true sign of a loyalty the Honduran people live by. Most, if not all, interviewed had the same answer: Spain was not there for Honduras. Spain still is not there for Honduras. Although the Spanish Embassy in Honduras arranged to have cameras pointed at their embassy during the game, in an effort to show the support Honduras normally shows Spain, a unification that has been shared through the years, their hope for cheers and optimism from the Honduran people was severely lacking. The TV presence of the Spanish embassy in Honduras was a thorn in Honduras’ side, rather than a display of support for Spain for what Hondurans used to refer to with an almost revere as, “the Mother Country”.

It is no wonder that FIFA preaches no politics in soccer. This was a perfect example: mixed emotions – as heart felt Latin people were routing for Holland, saying “Spain” is part of Europe, so be it.

In the end, deep down, Hondurans are more loyal than the Spanish. The Latinos are happy Spain won. It was a very exciting World Cup Victory. Congratulations, Espana!

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