Honduras suspends 8 consuls in US

Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez has suspended eight of his country’s consuls in the United States and the government says it will investigate allegations they illegally issued identity documents.


Honduras Suspends 8 Councils in the USA for issuing illegal identification Documentation

The government statement issued late Monday says the consulates affected are in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and New Orleans.

The Honduran Foreign Ministry announced on Saturday that consular identity documents issued in the U.S. are not proof that a person is a Honduran citizen.

The case came to light after a group representing Hondurans living in the US said a number of consulates were issuing “consular IDs” – documents that bear the crest and flag of Honduras, but which are not officially recognised forms of identification.

President Hernandez said in a statement that such documents were “false” and that any consular staff issuing them would be held accountable for abuse of power.

 Jorge Rivera, of the Honduran Unity group in Dallas, Texas, said he knew of at least four consulates that had issued such IDs.

“They’re selling them for $50 in a number of places and I don’t know how the consulates can be doing that because that document is not an approved document,” Mr Rivera said.

“They’re just trying to make money,” he added.

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