Honduras to Abolish Tax Collection Authority “DEI”

Next year will mark a historic moment in Honduras with the restructuring of the Executive Directorate of Revenue (DEI) and develop a new Tax Code, announced Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez. With the the creation of a new collection agency where all employees will be vetted confidence testing.

“It has to be closed (DEI) to open a new institution with highly qualified staff who pass the confidence testis and that are highly professional.”

He added that it is necessary that the new institution has staff with high human interaction skills and the personality to serve taxpayers with thoughtfulness and care.

Before this, he stated that there will be good salaries and staff will have enough family time to ensure that all of their family needs are addressed. “Those who work in the new tax administration of the country do not have family issues and are not tempted to borrow money from a businessman or accept a bribe as they carry out their duties,” he said.

New Tax Code

He also reported that “there will be a discussion of a new Tax Code,with private and social sectors and all others who wish to participate”.
In that sense, Hernandez insisted that the new Tax Code should follow the best practices of the world. He noted that they will be empowered by the latest in technology and tools necessary along with a new Tax Code. “Shortly we will be distributing in different sectors information to participate and make the Honduran tax system with a highly simplified system fair and competitive.”


President Hernandez said that one of the main objectives for the coming year is to reduce the fiscal deficit.

He recalled that “we come from a dark period in the country; We reached almost 9% deficit after the administration of President Ricardo Maduro. “

He said his administration has set the example by lowering current expenditure and removing bureaucracy from the government.

He added that the above can be achieved “by being more efficient in the use of resources, meeting specific goals and measuring ourselves with the results.”

Claudio Salgado, an economic analyst, noted that “In a very short time frame personnel changes in the current DEI will be made.” He regretted that in previous administrations of this entity qualified personnel were removed and their positions were filled by unqualified personnel”.

“The DEI must use new technologies and have personal certificate. Should use the procedures that are done in the Central Bank of Honduras, “said the expert”.

New Director of Honduras DEI Mirian Guzman

Director of Honduras DEI Miriam Guzman (right) being formally introduced by Former President of Honduras “Pepe Lobo” has continued to lead the DEI during the Juan Orlando Hernandez administration”

President Hernandez also confirmed that the current Minister and director of the DEI Miriam will be in charge of the new organization.

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