Honduras to Attend CLACS in December

President Porfirio Lobo Sosa has been invited to attend a CLACS (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States) summit being held December 2-3, 2011, in Venezuela.

The formal establishment of CLACS had been adjourned back in July of this year, until further notice, due to the health of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez.

This will be the third Latin American and Caribbean Summit on Integration and Development. The plan for this summit is for CLACS to officially enter into force. Chile is expected to preside over the new regional integration organization.

Issues related to CLACS operations already count on the approval of member governments. In addition, guidelines in the environmental, economic, social, cultural and migration areas are “almost done,” as reported by a diplomat who is party to one of the bloc missions in Venezuela.

The organization composed of Latin American and Caribbean nations is also regarded by some Heads of State – including Chávez and Ecuador’s Rafael Correa – as a mechanism that would replace the Organization of American States (OAS), which has the United States and Canada as members also. Most nations in the region, however, including Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Nicaragua, and several Caribbean countries, participate in the OAS, and plan on being a member of both organizations.

The Honduran Foreign Ministry stated that President Lobo was personally invited to attend the CLACS summit by the President of Venezuela, Hugo Cháv, and that Honduras will apply for membership at that meeting.

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