Honduras to Export Pork

The Ministry of Agriculture (SAG), the National Agricultural Health Service, (SENASA) and the International Regional Organization for Agricultural Health, (ORISA) today announced that Honduras may begin exporting pork to foreign markets.

The statement was issued by the Minister of SAG, Jacobo Regalado, who said that after complying with the guidelines, documentation, and supporting a process of surveillance throughout the State, SAG and ORISA declared Honduras a country free of classical swine fever, or “Peste Porcina Clasica, PPC”.

The effort to rid the country of this disease began in 2006. Nationwide campaigns used more than one million doses on pigs to eradicate the problem.

This is change is expected to benefit about 130,000 pig farmers, of whom 60% are women.

One Response to "Honduras to Export Pork"

  1. Patty Ramirez  August 13, 2011 at 9:18 am

    This could be good news to small farmers, if they are supported in the need to vaccinate the pigs, feed them to fatten them some, and get them ready for export. Otherwise, I can’t see how it will benefit anyone but the large producers.

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