Honduras to Impose Local Tax on Telecommunication Operators

Honduras keeps on adding Tax upon Tax to the people! While corruption at the highest levels of government continue to surface in the media.


Tax Collection in Honduras Continues to grow while the poor and middle class continue to suffer from all the new taxes that have been passed on to the consumer.

The National Congress of Honduras has passed a decree that opens the way for city councils to apply selective taxes on local telecoms service operators.

The amendment to the Municipalities Act allows councils to levy a tax amounting to 1.8 percent of the gross revenues reported by suppliers of “personal communications services (PCS), data transmission and communications, fixed telephony, carrier services, mobile telephony, internet or cable access to computer networks and TV.”


While the Honduran Slums continue to grow . Economic growth in Honduras going straight to more taxes that the government continues to impose for corrupt politicians to pilfer.

This as well as many new taxes which have been implemented since Juan Orlando Hernandez took office as President of Honduras have the all been passed on to the population of Honduras. As more and more corruption at the highest levels in recent history continue to come to light; many are calling for the President to resign.

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