Honduras to Participate in Fiesta

The official launch of the Festival of the Caribbean “Fiesta de Fuego”, that will actually be held in the first week of July in the city of Santiago de Cuba was held at the Anthropology and History Museum. Important Honduran artists and intellectuals participated.

This event was held to inform people of the participation of Honduras at the XXIX edition of the Festival of the Caribbean, to be held from the 3rd and until the 9th of July. Honduras will be the special guest thanks to the Honduran President Manuel Zelaya.

The national writer Helen Umaña, the Cuban writer Froilan Gonzalez, the representative of the Cuban Ambassador to Honduras Juan Carlos Hernández Padrón, the Member of Parliament Aurelio Martínez and the undersecretary for Culture, Arts and Sport, Salvador Suazo were at the main table of the event.

Suazo expressed that “we have the compromise to invite a wide delegation of artists and intellectuals to offer a wide exhibition of the cultural diversity of the country”.

A documentary with the participation of Cuban and Honduran executives was presented in the event as well as the performance of the national singer Aurelio Martínez and of the group Garífuna Labouchun Beidirugu, from the area of Ensenada, Tela.

The festival will be held in Santiago de Cuba and will have the participation of several delegations from Venezuela, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica, USA, Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba and Curacao; as well as from Finland, Germany and France, among many others, attracting thousand of tourists who will travel to the festival.

Participants in the event tasted autochthonous dishes, such as cazabe, ceviche, nacatamales and many more as an example of the varied and delicious Caribbean food.

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