Honduras to Plant 3,000 Acres of Bananas

Ramón Duarte, the general secretary of the union of the Standard Fruit SUTRASFCO Company, stated that their goal for this year was to expand banana production by 1,200 hectares (2,965 Acres).

Honduras Banana

Honduras Banana Facts and History
La Ceiba Honduras based Standard Fruit Company to plant 1,200 Hectares of Bananas in 2016
1200 Hectares (ha) = 2,965 Acres (ac)
1 ha = 2.47105 ac
1 ac = 0.404686 ha

According to Duarte the expansion plan has 2 goals: increasing banana production improving their quality so as to be more competitive and become the largest producer of said fruit again.

According to him, Honduras currently ranks third in Central America with an estimated 40 million cases of production annually, while Guatemala produces 100 million cases and Costa Rica produces 90 million cases.

According to a report from the Honduran Ministry of Economic Development and the Central Bank of Honduras, the main market for the Honduran bananas is the United States, as more than 90% of the exports are shipped there.

The second market is Central America and the third most important destination is the European market.

Bananas continue to be Honduras’ second largest export below coffee exports. Up until 1993, banana exports were the country’s main export.

Now the Government of the Republic of Honduras, through the Foreign Trade Agency of the Ministry of Economic Development, is seeking to give bananas a new momentum in the international market.

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