Honduras to Receive $8.5 Million in Loans

Honduran national water authority, Sanaa, expects to receive this year, the approval for loans worth $8.5 million US dollars. The funds are to be used to build a pipeline between the Los Laureles and La Concepcion reservoirs in the capital of Tegucigalpa, Sanaa spokesperson Allan Aragon said.

The 10km pipeline will allow excess water from Los Laureles reservoir to be pumped into La Concepcion reservoir, which is still operating at and extremely low capacity. As of May 26th, La Concepcion was working at 50% of its capacity; however, Los Laureles is working at 100%, and causing excess water to spill into the Guacerique river.

“With this system we would prevent excess water from spilling into the river without being used, and instead we would be transporting valuable water from one reservoir to the other,” he added.

“We are gradually beginning to receive funding from foreign organizations,” said Aragon, adding: “The funding requests have already been made. We are just waiting for their approval.”

If funding for the pipeline is approved in 2010, construction would be carried out during the dry season, which extends from November to April.

While the pipeline project will most likely go ahead, Sanaa’s priority is to obtain resources to build the Guacerique II reservoir in the capital. “If we build this new reservoir we would not be wasting the excess water [in Los Laureles],” he said.

The approval of funding for Guacerique II is a key objective in President Porfirio Lobo’s administration, and would provide a temporary solution to the water scarcity that habitually affects Tegucigalpa during the dry season.

The reservoir will cost $175 million US dollars, and have a storage capacity of 45-50Mm3. Some 400ha is required for its construction, which is slated to take 5-6 years.

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