Honduras US Dollars Black Market in Crisis


Black Market Money exchange in Honduras has too many Lempiras and not enough clients with Dollars to exchange.

The circulation of US dollars in Honduras has dropped so much in the past months that those who dedicate themselves to exchanging dollars for lempiras are having a difficult time making ends meet.
Those in the market areas claim there has been a drop of up to 30% over a year ago.
They attribute the drop in circulation of dollars to the increased number of Hondurans who have been deported from the United States (11,000 so far this year) along with the recession being experienced in the USA making it extremely difficult for those who have not been deported as well as those with legal residency that frequently send US Dollars home to Honduras are finding it difficulty go get and maintain employment.
There appears to be a much higher demand for Euros as many Hondurans have been traveling to Europe for their vacations since the inception of lower cost tour packages to Europe being marketed from the various Honduras Airports including Roatan International which has very reasonable flight direct to Europe.
Another contributing factor is the increased use of electronic services which have made it easy for those in the USA to send money hope from the comfort of their homes using the Internet. These funds are then claimed at banks locally and the currency is automatically disbursed to them in Lempiras making unnecessary for the family member to go hit the streets in order to exchange their funds.

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