Honduras vs. Belarus Game Time: 10:30 am

Honduras is a much better bet than Belarus on paper in terms of team history. Belarus is ranked more than 40 places below Honduras (who is ranked 38th in the world).

However, so far, Honduras has lost two of their only three friendly match encounters in 2010. On March 3rd, Los Catrachos were outplayed 2-0 by Turkey. They then failed to overpower Venezuela last month, as they went down 1-0.

Their 3-1 win over the United States on January 24th was their final victory of the year (so far).

Against Belarus today, Honduras will need to prove they have the talent to pull off a win before the 2010 World Cup; they have been drawn with top seeds Spain, FIFA’s home land Switzerland, and South America’s Chile.

Popular manager Reinaldo Rueda is expected to turn things around. Wilson Palacios, Amado Guevara, and Julio Cesar de Leon are players that can inspire the team through their talent. Forward David Suazo is deadly in front of the goal and should be in top form today.

Go Catrachos!!!!!

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