Honduras vs Israel

Honduras vs Israel

Honduras vs Israel Friendly Match

Honduras played a historic friendly game vs Israel today on United States soil. The Game was held at the CITI Mets Field in New York City.  “A lot of people,” Jewish sports fans in New York, “are waiting there for us,” former Hapoel Tel-Aviv FC trainer Eli Gutman national team coach said.

“It’s a big honor for us to represent Israel.”

Security at the Stadium was at a very high level as is anything related to Israel on US soil these days. In any case the Israelis managed to out play Honduras and win the game by a score of 2 to 0 marking a perfect weekend for the Jewish community in New York who have been celebrating the traditional Salute to Israel Parade, now re-branded as Celebrate Israel, which took place on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue on this Sunday− in sweltering heat, under heightened security and with the obvious preponderance of Orthodox Jews among marchers and onlookers.

Over 35,000 marchers danced and sang their way up Fifth Avenue, from 57th to 79th Street, under the watchful eye of hundreds of New York’s finest, in uniform and undercover. New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told reporters that security had been tightened significantly and SWAT teams put on alert, in light of the Boston Marathon bombings in March.

“We’ve upped our game,” he said.

Up the game Israel did by defeating the Honduras National Soccer Team giving them more to celebrate and a perfect weekend.

For more about this historic soccer match between Honduras and Israel National Soccer Teams continue reading  here

The Honduras National Soccer Team got a great chance to play together as a team something they seldom have a chance to do since the Seleccion players report to teams around the world and any time they can play a game together it helps the players and the coach get the starting line up ready for their next match that counts. That will be vs Costa Rica on Friday June 7th 2013  for the CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying Hexagonal. Read  more on Honduras vs Costa Rica

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