House of Mario Palencia Seized

Tiempo* is reporting that the house of Mario Palencia has been seized.

Mario Roberto Zelaya Palencia - Honduras

Mario Roberto Zelaya Palencia of Honduras

Authorities representing the Public Prosecutor, the office of Seizures (OABI), and FUSINA (National inter-Institutional Security Force), have gone to the property of Mario Roberto Zelaya Palencia, the father of Mario Zelaya the ex-director of IHSS (The Honduran Institute for Social Security).

The property is located in the Las Americas neighborhood, and is inhabited. The residents of the house went outside to demonstrate their frustration at the situation, and inform them that there are children living in the house.

Interpol is also looking for Mario Palencia, who is wanted for corrupt acts related to the IHSS case. The Public Prosecutor has accused him of being responsible for money laundering against the State.

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