Human Rights Minister Visits Aguán Valley

The Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Ana Pineda, along with human rights prosecutor, Sandra Ponce, and the director of Casa Alianza, Manuel Capellin, yesterday visited yesterday the lower Aguán valley to ascertain the current situation there.

On this trip they met with several groups of farmers in the department of Colón to understand their situation, and heard that there are a disproportionate presence of police and soldiers in the fields according to some groups. Pineda said they will investigate all allegations of human rights violations in the area where there have been clashes between peasants and landowners.

“We did a tour of the area, we had the opportunity to visit several places, interviewing several people and personally observe what is happening. At that time, the situation was calm. We saw the police and military presence, and rather than a disproportionate number, it was the number needed to maintain order and security,” according to the Secretary of Justice and Human Rights.

President Porfirio Lobo said that they were investigating the presence of armed groups, since, according to intelligence reports, more than a thousand AK-47 and M-16 rifles are circulating in the lower Aguán that are wanted by the police and army.

“We saw it very quiet, we saw no complications. The human rights defenders had the opportunity to consult with farmers, area residents, military and police,” said Ms. Pineda.

The senior official warned that they are collecting complaints about violations of human rights and stated that the law will be applied to those who violate this right.

“What I can report is that the Honduran people have the assurance that all will be investigated. It is not in the interest of any government official to leave any situation in the lower Aguán unpunished. Whoever is violating human rights, whether it is a policeman, a soldier or an ordinary person, they must be investigated, judged, and condemned,” she said.

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