Hunger Strike on Day Six

Five Honduran judges have been on a hunger strike for six days in protest of a decision by the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ) to dismiss four magistrates that condemned the June 28th actions against former president Manuel Zelaya.

Thursday another two people joined the strike, and there are now seven strikers demonstrating in La Merced Park, across from Congress in downtown Tegucigalpa.

The demonstrators want to see reversed the dismissal of Judges Alonso Chevez and Guillermo Lopez (two of the strikers), Ramon Enrique Barrios, and Tirza del Carmen Flores, whose dismissals were announced on May 5th.

Honduran Deputy Marvin Ponce presented on Friday a motion to the National Congress to investigate the SCJ for the arbitrary decision.
The legislator proposed to Congress the appointment of a commission to analyze the administrative behavior of the judicial branch.

Judges Guillermo Lopez, Jose Pineda, Gerson Medina, Pablo Munguia and Chevez, who are members of the Association of Judges for Democracy, went on strike on Monday, while the two new members of the group are a high school student, Michael Urbina and a small farmer, Teodoro Carbajal.

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