IHSS Opens Modern Laboratory

A state-of-the-art laboratory with modern technology opened yesterday at the Social Security Institute, (IHSS), following the investment of 12 million dollars in infrastructure, equipment and purchasing.

Equipment enabling persons to perform advanced studies in less time, is directly benefiting the thousands of patients receiving medical care in this hospital. The laboratory has a complete computer system and a robotics team that can expedite processing results.

Mario Zelaya, Director of IHSS, claimed, “We now have the most advanced clinical laboratory in the country.” He additionally noted that the winning bidder on the project was required to provide corrective and preventive maintenance on the laboratory equipment, which means that IHSS will not incur any additional costs.

The modern laboratory also means cost savings for the patients. Previously, tests for transplants were sent to Costa Rica. Now those same tests can be performed in the Honduras lab for considerably less. This new technology provides a very timely diagnosis; results are produced in the shortest time possible.

Javier Matheu, Project Manager for the company Dimex, the winning bidder, explained that the laboratory is equipped with three-dimensional technology, flow cytometry to measure each of the cells, high density spectrophotometers, urinalysis with a built in electron microscope, and other ground-breaking devices.

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