Installation of Security Cameras and 911 Emergency response 60% complete in Tegucigalpa Honduras

The members of the National Defense and Security in Honduras, headed by President Porfirio Lobo Sosa, visited the command center of the project “Smart Cities” (Ciudades Inteligentes) at the National Police headquarters in Casa Mata, which is the surveillance cameras and immediate response to complaints center.

The Council consists of the heads of the three branches of government, the Attorney General and the Secretaries of Defense and Security and senior officers of the National Police and Armed Forces. The Smart Cities Project, in addition to surveillance cameras and rapid response to complaints by 911, includes coverage of the entire community through strategic routes and patrols with police units.

Lobo said he is satisfied with the progress of this program as it nears 60 percent completion and is already delivering results. “This is like watching a movie of Tegucigalpa, it is an important project.” He added that the soon to begin operation of the 911 calls, “is a system where people can make emergency calls, attending to the public, combined with the issue of security cameras at strategic points in the capital”.

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