Is Honduras safe for tourists?

Is Honduras safe for tourists? Honduras like many other places has had more than its share of bad press. Is it safe to vacation in Honduras? Yes, if tourists are smart. Many times tourists leave their home country and leave their brains at home. There are certain places to avoid in every country. Often tourists do things that invite trouble such as getting intoxicated in public, flashing around their money and jewels, and doing drugs. These are things that invite trouble everywhere. Honduras is a beautiful country with very friendly people. The Bay Islands are usually considered the safest but to only visit the islands would be to miss the great things to see and do on the mainland. The north shore of the mainland is one long beach.

Resort in Tela Honduras

Honduras has over 200 miles of beaches, this one is at the Indura Golf and Beach Resort in Tela

There are many interesting places to visit on the mainland. Tela has beaches, nature parks, an all-inclusive resort, a new luxury resort, and a quaint resort that was once home to those who worked for the fruit companies that gave Honduras the name “The Banana Republic,” plus a variety of small hotels and B&Bs. In La Ceiba there are more beaches… and even a Walmart. La Ceiba has been touted as “the place where Hondurans go to have fun.” And, fun there is. There are nature trips, diving, snorkeling, whit e water rafting, and canyoning. Canyoning is a unique experience whereby one can repel down a series of jungle waterfalls, one of which is 80 feet.

The new hotspot for tourism and development is Trujillo; even the cruise ships are making it a port of call. The center of Trujillo is an authentic small Central American town where Columbus first set foot on the mainland and the new tourist hotspot. It has not been spoiled by commercialism. There are several gated communities one of which, Njoi, rivals anything one would find anywhere in the world. Away from the coast the do-not-miss spot in Honduras is Copan, home to some of the most exquisite Honduras Mayan ruins in Copan Ruinas. The bottom line is, don’t miss out on the wonders of Honduras, visit but be smart and enjoy.

By: Sandra Scott for the Examiner – Sandra Scott sees the world as a wonderful playground. Since the 1980s she has traveled the world sharing her experiences with her readers. She enjoys all forms of travel from bouncing over the Santa Fe Trail in a covered wagon to sailing on the Sea Cloud II. She has marveled at the wonders of nature while walking the trails in the Amazon and snorkeling in Jellyfish Lake in Palau. She is equally impressed with what man has created at Machu Picchu, Angkok Wat and Stonehenge. One important aspect of travel in connecting with the people and learning about their lifestyle and history. To that end she finds taking cooking lessons, visiting school, and participating in local cultural activities a great way to feel like one of the locals. Back your bags and follow Sandra Scott as she travels the world.

SOURCE: The Examiner

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