Jailed for Using Wrong Bathroom

Delta Air Lines passenger Joao Correa spent two nights in jail and faces federal charges because he had a bathroom emergency onboard a Delta flight from Honduras to Atlanta. As you may have heard, Correa, a passenger in economy class, had an arm-twisting altercation recently with a flight attendant when she wouldn’t let him use the restroom in business class when the aisle in coach was blocked by a beverage cart.

On international flights, it’s the rule that, for security purposes, you must use the lavatory in the cabin in which you’re seated. For trying to upgrade to the business class potty, Correa is now in a heap of trouble.

Without question, I respect flight attendants, as they are the ones who are trained to save our lives in a non-bathroom emergency. Most of them are nice and will go the extra mile for you, but sometimes, as with the case of Correa, the lack of compassion is simply astounding.

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