Help for Honduran Job Hunters

The National Amigo Network is open in San Pedro Sula. The National Amigo Network is a nonprofit organization, supported by foundations, training organizations, corporations, the government, and academic entities, which hopes to more effectively help people without a job find work in Honduras. The project began in Tegucigalpa, and is intended to be taken to 18 cities nationwide.

How it Works

A mobile staff is stationed in kiosks, and placed in centrally located areas to collect the resumes of citizens who want work. The staff searches the labor supply companies in the area, and matches a person with the job that best suits their skills or knowledge, providing advice to facilitate their recruitment.

People who for some reason can not be hired, do not leave empty handed. Organizations are on hand, responsible for offering training courses in English, computing, accounting, or data processing to improve a person’s chance of getting a job.

In these mobile kiosks, a person is helped to prepare a resume, and is given a digital copy so an applicant can present it to a number of contracting firms. Hondurans can also receive advice on successful job interviewing.


The President of the National Association of Maquiladoras (Manufacturers) of Honduras, Daniel Facussé, said that beginning in January of 2011, they will need 18 to 20 thousand new workers in the industrial sector. In support of the launch of the National Amigo Network, manufacturers will hire their first employees through the program.

Support for the project is backed by foundations like the Vocational Training Institute (INFOP), the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Cortes (CCIC), the Social Development Foundation (FUNDEI), and the Advisory Center for Human Resources Development (CADERH).

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