Journalists Ask President for Protection

President Porfirio Lobo met with media representatives on Friday, November 25, 2011, to address protection for journalists, and threats against the press.

The media has been pointing the finger at the police and military for threats and attacks reporters have received while investigating the findings of police participation in the killing of two university students.

President Lobo acknowledged that no one has been tried in any of the recent murders of journalists, and said, “We’re at zero with this investigation, we don’t have the capacity to investigate.”

The President mentioned that Honduras had sent a written request to the United Nations asking for the creation of an organization similar to the “International Commission Against Impunity” in Guatemala.

President Lobo also said he plans to establish a Technical Police Investigation Unit to address killings and threats against journalists. Honduran journalists are the most threatened in the region, and Honduras is second only to Mexico in numbers of journalists killed.

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