La Ceiba Citizens SaveTrees in Central Park

Environmentalists and Ceibeños are seeking to save what they consider a “sacred heritage” of the city of La Ceiba; the longstanding trees and vegetation in Central Park.

A group of at least 22 Ceibeños came to the park to ensure that the design for a new square respects the existing greenery of the park. An environmental activist, and leader of the Ceibeños fight for their green heritage, Coni Lustenberger, said citizens should not lower their guard. She arrived with posters and tape to place in prominent areas, seeking to save the trees. To get them taken care of by professional find out here.

Yesterday morning, representatives of City Hall met to address the issue. The deputy head of the Municipal Environmental Management, Óscar Montes, came with the architectural design drawings, and showed the Ceibeños present which trees they planned to cut.

“We have met with representatives of the company that is responsible for remodeling, and they have agreed to modify the design if needed to save the trees,” he said.

Citizen José Vallecillo, said that he is not against the redevelopment, but came to find out if they are going to damage trees that provide freshness to the center of the city.

Thanks to their fight, the number of trees inside the park will be monitored by a committee that will make sure that no more plants are destroyed. They have seen that several palm trees along the route had already been cut.

Most trees in the La Ceiba square have been there 40 years. The trees are necessary; their large size provides shade enjoyed by the locals, but more importantly, their shade is a needed shelter when the thermometer reaches high temperatures.

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