La Ceiba Taxi Drivers Protest

Angered by the sudden issue of 120 new taxi numbers, drivers staged protests yesterday at the Regional Transportation office. Police officers arrived on the scene to open a path for citizens to get through.

Antonio Contreras, former Regional Director of Transportation, said the numbers of taxis that circulate at this time are legal. Henry Alvarez, representative of the taxi drivers, said they are requesting three things, including the immediate cancellation of the numbers given. They have asked Congress to investigate the case.

He also asked whether the new director, Ramon Martinez, should be involved in these situations. “We do not have anything against the new director, but we do not agree that someone was appointed to this office while they are still investigating the case,” said Alvarez.

An agreement reached at the meeting between both sides was that the case should be heard in Tegucigalpa.

“I say that I have nothing to do with the issuing of new numbers; that was the responsibility of the previous government,” Alvarez quoted Ramon Martinez as saying.

There have been tensions between those who seek to cancel the permits, and the former Minister, Rosario Bonano.

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