Lake Yojoa Environmental Permits Reviewed

Pollution levels in Lake Yojoa have forced authorities to take immediate action in the area.

The head of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (SERNA), Rigoberto Cuéllar, announced that they will review all environmental permits that have been issued in the area. They will also determine what companies or businesses have operating permits, and what standards they are adhering to.

The review is being conducted due to the concern of several organizations who want protection for Lake Yojoa, before the lake in Honduras is lost to pollution. The radio station, HRN has undertaken in recent weeks, a campaign to rescue the only natural lake in Honduras.

“We are committed to make a complete review of environmental licenses that have been issued, to see which businesses or productive activities are being conducted in the surrounding area of the Lake that do not have environmental permits, and to proceed against them,” said the environmental minister.

Rigoberto Cuéllar also announced they will begin to implement a mitigation plan in the area for the purpose of ensuring the existence of Lake Yojoa, “We will establish, if necessary, some additional measures, and strengthen our laboratories to perform a more permanent and constant monitoring of the waters of Lake Yojoa.”

Congress has pledged to approve a fund of five million lempiras for the implementation of mitigation projects on Lake Yojoa.

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