Lempira Exchange Rate Expected to Increase

Projections of the Honduran College of Economists (CHE) state that in late December, the lempira could be devalued by 1.5 percent. Currently, it is devaluing by about 0.29 centavos per month, starting from July 25th.

Guillermo Matamoros, President of the Honduran College of Economists (CHE), expects that the exchange rate would be at 19.17 Lempiras per Dollar in December. He said that would also depend on what dollar amount is available to the Central Bank of Honduras (BCH).

"At the rate we are moving, they are microdevaluaciones, it would not have a high impact on the costs of importing companies," the expert in finance stated.

"It seems that the mechanism was consolidated; the demand for dollars was about 200 daily, and is on the same level as before the request for new exchange measures."

He acknowledged that there is a tendency toward small devaluations on a daily basis, but with the established mechanism, there is no possibility of violent changes, either upwards or downwards.

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