Emergency Meeting Called by President Lobo

president lobo on comayagua firePresident Porfirio Lobo Sosa has summoned an emergency meeting of the Honduras Security Council following last night’s tragic event.

The meeting at the Presidential Palace will explore the details of the fire at the prison in Comayagua. Attendees include the Minister of Human Rights, Ana Pineda, the Minister of the Interior, Áfrico Madrid, Ministers of Security and Defense, Pompeyo Bonilla and Marlon Pascua, as well as authorities of the National Congress and the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

President Lobo is expected to offer a press conference soon, where he will provide more details about the event.

The most recent death toll is at 375 prisoners, and some 850 prisoners remain in unaffected units of the prison.

The prison is an agricultural complex located 500m from the road linking San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa. The Comayagua prison inmates engage in the cultivation of vegetables and breeding pigs, among other works.

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