Mara 18 Gang Members Captured

Four alleged members of the “Mara 18” were captured, and another killed, during a shootout with the preventive police in the evening hours on Saturday.

The altercation, which lasted several minutes, took place in the La Planeta neighborhood of La Lima, Puerto Cortés. The dead alleged gang member could not be identified through forensics. He was between 25 and 30 years of age, wearing blue jeans, black shoes, and a blue and white checked shirt. Under the victim was found a revolver and three shell cartridges.

Also wounded was a police officer, who successfully recovered from his wounds in a San Pedro Sula private clinic.

At 10:00 p.m. on Saturday, Efraín Alexander Zúniga (22), Ariel Jonathan Vivas Martínez (21), Luis Alejandro Urbina Galeas (19) and Nixon David Lara Escoto (19), were arrested during what began as a routine operation of the preventative police. The men were in possession of a 12mm shotgun containing a cartridge.

According to the officers, while patrolling the area, they noted the subjects acting suspicious. The officers approached, in order to question the men, when the hoodlums took out their guns and fired on the agents. The suspects attempted to escape the police by running away while shooting. The police returned fire, and many gunshots were exchanged, resulting in the death of one one of the perpetrators.

Those arrested are being charged with attacking the police, as well as being investigated for potential involvement in other criminal acts.

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