Mario Roberto Guevara Caballero Freed

Suspect Mario Roberto Guevara Caballero last night received Judge Noren Argueta’s temporary dismissal after having participated in the initial hearing.

From the early morning, Guevara appeared in court along with his private supporters. At 8.30 pm, after many discussions, a report was provided to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the attorneys and the accused, which he said that Mr. Guevara was free to go.

Guevara Caballero was relatively calm, dressed in a black shirt with the sleeves rolled up, blue jeans and sandals, but after hearing the decision, cried for everything that has happened.

“I thank God for all this, because I always trusted in divine justice and the justice system of the country,” he said.

The businessman Guevara argued that he is innocent, and has been tested by these extremes; he has repeatedly said that he was out of the country on the date of David Meza’s death.

Manfredo Ruiz, one of the legal representatives, said his arguments had legal grounds. “Our client is free and can continue his normal life. Prosecutors have five years to present evidence,” he said.

Three people are still wanted in connection with the death of David Meza, which occurred on March 11th of this year. All three remain fugitives from justice.

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