May 1st – Labor Day Protest in Tegucigalpa

Thousands of people participated Saturday in a March on the International Day of Workers in Honduras, demanding a Constituent Assembly and the return of former President Manuel Zelaya.

Waving mostly red and black flags, and chanting slogans, the demonstrators left the bustling National Pedagogica University (east of the capital) along the “Fuerzas Armadas” (Armed Forces) Boulevard and ended at a rally at the end of Honduras’ Toncontin Airport (south).

According to organizers, about 50,000 people participated in an unprecedented gathering on the International Worker’s Day. The People’s National Resistance Front (FNRP) organized the event, with the demand for a Constituent Assembly as the main theme. The coalition also demanded, as they have for months, the return of former president Manuel Zelaya. Xiomara Castro, the wife of Zelaya, was cheered when she joined the walk on the Fuerzas Armadas boulevard.

After the walk in the morning, protesters gathered in what they call Isis Obed Plaza Murillo, named after a young man who was allegedly shot dead by police and the military during a demonstration on July 5th, when Zelaya attempted, but failed, to return to Honduras by air.

In the keynote address of the march, the coordinator of FNRP, Juan Barahona, demanded “a model to serve the people” and announced that “we will stick to the streets demanding a Constituent Assembly.”

2 Responses to "May 1st – Labor Day Protest in Tegucigalpa"

  1. Richard  May 3, 2010 at 5:36 pm

    YAWN….Zelaya news again?

    Lets talk World Cup. It’s time for the Catrachos to get ready. June will be here soon…

  2. Poolshark  May 3, 2010 at 3:28 pm

    Catrachos I love you, but for anyone to still be demanding the return of Zelaya is just plain an idiot. There is no legal way. He is not King, he was a president. And a thief. What part of ‘it’s over’ don’t you understand?

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