Honduras Former President Mel Zelaya Opposes Extradition

Former Honduras President for the Liberal Party and now a Congressman for the new political party "LIBRE"  has stated that the reformed Article 102 was due due to interference from one country to another.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras. – The former Honduras president and current Congressman Manuel Zelaya Rosales has stated that he is opposed to extraditions.

Ousted Honduran Ex-President Mel Zelaya calls for the end of Extradition of Hondurans

Ousted Honduran Ex-President Mel Zelaya calls for the end of Extradition of Hondurans

Zelaya stated that he will file a constitutional counter-reform in Congress to return to prohibition of extradition of Hondurans.

He said the reform that allows the extradition is a very large door that now affects everyone because the USA is deciding the future of many Hondurans.

Zelaya considers that this constitutional reform means an interference of one country to another.

However, Zelaya is one of the biggest drivers of the creation of an International Commission Against Impunity, or Cici, which would be international judges and prosecutors who would be responsible for administering justice in the country.

On the subject National Party Congressman Oswaldo Ramos Soto said that in countries with more economic potential, with better legal structure, extradition is allowed. Ramos Soto said reforming Article 102, which allows the extradition of Honduran nationals, should be kept in Honduras and in any underdeveloped country “often governments influence the courts and that’s not right.”

Congressman Bartolo Fuentes, representing the LIBRE Political party,  said that Article 102 of the Constitution should have a law to regulate it. Fuentes added that “the extraditions will eliminate impunity in Honduras because the United States is not interested in prosecuting crimes committed in Honduras and that affects Hondurans, but it is persecuting people who commit crimes that affect them”.

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