Micheletti Addresses Insulza’s Comments

The interim president of Honduras, Roberto Micheletti, called for “prudence” from the Secretary General of the Organization of American States, Jose Miguel Insulza.

Micheletti was disappointed in Insulza’s comments this morning at the OAS headquarters in the United States, where Insulza noted that there is a process of stagnation in the negotiations, in part by the “Micheletti Government’s attempt to reach an agreement on the validity of acts that occurred on June 28th…”

Insulza called on the representatives of Micheletti to withdraw the validation of the actions committed on June 28th because there will never be agreement on this issue.

“This is something I will never agree to. For the international community, what happened was illegal, improper, and not legitimate. While for others, in Honduras, it was valid,” he said.

The statement, distributed by Micheletti’s commission participating in the dialog, adds that the comments of Insulza have taken place when least needed, and represent an inappropriate intervention in the dialogue.

In today’s session of the OAS Permanent Council, Insulza did say that despite the deadlock, “neither side has mentioned the possibility of abandoning the negotiations,” and also stressed that “dialogue is obviously very important to Hondurans “.

The current Honduran government reminded the Secretary General to “keep his promise not to intervene in this internal matter which will be resolved at the negotiating table by Hondurans”. Both parties have submitted proposals that are outside the margins of the San Jose Accord, but “Both parties agree that this document provides the basis for the talks we have today, but the solution to this crisis will be resolved in Honduras.”

3 Responses to "Micheletti Addresses Insulza’s Comments"

  1. Axel Reyes Bogran  October 21, 2009 at 4:28 pm

    What kind of written instructions do you think that guy Insulza is reading?

    It is no surprise that he would take that stand, much even less the after Chavez gets his way in Ecuador, Bolivia and Nicaragua, and ironically, also the day after the ALBA groups makes public its intention to launch a gerrilla style war against all its oponents.

    Insulza is follwing a script written by Chavez, and he feels that he has to stay in line, his job with the OAS will come to an0 end sometime, he must be expecting to have something coming up with the new Regime that seems to be the future of Latin America if the Castro brothers and their mastiff have their way.

    Insulza can only be expressing himself in that way, one that shows he chooses not to see the proven legalities of Honduras actions, because it is not convenient to himself, just as Chavez has a master, and as Zelaya has a master also, so does Insulza have a master.

    The Libray Of Congress of the USA and the polictical chapter od the UNO, along with some of the principal players in the European Union are accepting that after studious research and much scrutiny they can clearly stablish that Honduras proceedings in regard to the removal from office of Manuel Zelaya was an act totally within the proper interpretation of Honduran Law, so what better body than the UNO to call International, where does Insulza stand in order to say that internationally Honduras move is seem as illegal still.

    Good for Mr. Michelletti to clarify that Insulza is just talking because he has a job to do.

  2. Al  October 21, 2009 at 3:36 pm

    Insulza insulta, as always. There has never been a more ineffective secretary of the OAS. Venezuela is asking you to intervene because of human rights violations, political prisoners, obvious violations of the constitution. Go there Insulza! But you are afraid of Chavez. That is why you support him to take over Honduras through Z`liar. Leave Honduras alone! Hypocrite!

  3. miraclemant  October 21, 2009 at 2:05 pm

    Insulza stated that ” there will never be an agreement on this issue” (that the events of June 28th were lawful and by order of the Supreme Court and the Congress of Honduras.

    So now the OAS thinks it gets to dictate what is lawful and what is not in Honduras??

    I just wish Micheletti would say enough is enough, and kick out the USA embassy, the Brazilian Embassy, and every other embassy who has condemned Honduras for lawful acts and following the orders of the Supreme Court and the National Congress.

    They are trying to strangle Honduras’s economy, so I say kick them all out, they have already cut off ties to Honduras, so why should we allow their countries to have embassies to further stir up trouble for the Honduran people?

    only 40 more days till the free elections….

    Stay STRONG Honduras……

    Stay STRONG Micheletti…..

    The Honduran people will voice their choice in only 40 days…..

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