Micheletti Applauded for Decision

The National Party deputy Juan Orlando Hernandez, said the decision of the interim president, Roberto Micheletti, not to attend the inauguration of Pepe Lobo deserves applause, and will contribute to the recognition of Honduras from the international community.

Micheletti decided not to attend the ceremony in which Porfirio Lobo Sosa, the president-elect, will take office so as “not bother” visiting presidents who disagree with his appointment.

Hernandez told Radio America that the interim president’s decision “should be applauded” because it is a patriotic act to help the world’s governments recognize Honduras.

The deputy said that a group of presidents and others pressed strongly for the decision, but did not impose anything, although they did unanimously say that if the current president were attend the ceremony for “Pepe” Lobo, they would not come to Honduras.

“Unfortunately we are a country dependent on international relations, and international economic support, and that affects us greatly,” he said.

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