Military Commanders Believe in Justice

The head of the Armed Forces (AA FF), Romeo Vasquez, responded yesterday to questions on the charges that were brought against the Honduran military commanders. Vasquez said that, “we submit to justice and believe in the Honduran justice system.”

Questioned about the arguments presented to the court, said he would leave those comments in the hands of their lawyers, because it is a very serious situation they face. However, he clarified that “we have always been trying to protect the lives of Hondurans”.

Vasquez Velasquez referred to the fact that in every mission, they calculate and include the risks of likely casualties … “what is wanted in any case (mission) is that there is no dead.” … “We are soldiers, not murderers,” Vasquez stated.

The military leaders are under indictment because they sent Manuel Zelaya to Costa Rica when ordered to arrest him. In the past, the leaders have said it was a “necessity” to prevent an outbreak of violence.

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