Minerco’s Board to Visit Casa Presidencial

Minerco Resources, Inc. announced today that the Company’s Board of Directors, V. Scott Vanis and Marco Rodriguez have been invited to “Casa Presidencial,” The Presidential House for formal discussions with key members of the presidential cabinet regarding the Company’s Chiligatoro Hydro-Electric Project which was just recently approved by the Honduran National Commission of Energy.

Key attendees at the meeting include: Senora Lic., Maria Antonieta de Bogran Ministro de la Presidencia (Honduran Vice President and Minister of Energy), Senor Lic., Salomon Lopez, Secretario CNE (Secretary National Commission Energy), Senor Lic., Allen David Ramos, Alcalde de Cortes (Mayor of Cortes), Senor Ing, Roberto Martinez, Gerente ENEE, (Director of ENEE, Honduran National Electric Co.), and the Deputy Minister of Secretaria de Recursos Naturales y Ambiente (“SERNA”).

“We are extremely honored to be invited to discuss our Chiligatoro Hydro-Electric Project and the future of our Company with the Honduran administration. Minerco is in a unique position to assist the Honduran government in bringing clean, renewable, alternative energy solutions, specifically hydro-electric and wind powered projects to the country. We are excited and proud to work with this administration to make the goal of cost effective, clean, renewable energy a reality for Honduras. This is another milestone for Minerco and we couldn’t be more enthusiastic,” said V. Scott Vanis, President and CEO of Minerco.

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