Minimum Wage Issue Closed

The country’s private business sector said that the establishment of a new minimum wage for workers is an issue that “was closed” at the time that union leaders gave the government until August 15th of this year to make a decision.

The legal adviser of the Honduran Council of Private Enterprise (COHEP), Armando Urtecho, said: “The private sector already defined their position, if workers want to go to demonstrations, torch the country, burning factories or request the removal of all government officials, they will do so, but for us, the minimum wage matter is closed.”

Asked about the demands of the workers for a wage increase, and opposition to revising the laws to generate temporary jobs, the business representative for COHEP reacted angrily to the positions maintained by labor leaders.

Urtecho, said “The problem of discussing legal issues with people who are ignorant is a bit complicated; these are laws to create jobs, we are not talking anything about wages. It is a law that will safeguard the rights of workers. I wonder what kind of rights an unemployed person can have? The right only to be on the street, not to be prosecuted by the police for loitering, that’s the only right of the unemployed.”

He asked that for all the people who believe they will lose rights, to tell them what rights they will lose? He believes that the leaders of the workers are completely wrong.

One Response to "Minimum Wage Issue Closed"

  1. Axel Reyes Bogran  August 10, 2010 at 5:42 pm

    Nothing new in our country,try to make a positive change and the “Ignorant Socialists” will try to stop it, since their only goal is to bring Honduras to a state of Anarchy and Chaos, they dnot want social betterment, they want to open the door to Socialism.

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