Mobile Banking Transactions in Honduras Reach $160 Million in Transactions

Mobile banking transactions in Honduras grew to 3.5 billion lempiras (approximately USD $160 million) in 2014, according to a study performed by  telecoms watchdog Conatel.

Under the current legislation, users can make 100 transfers per month up to a total of 20,000 lempiras.

Conatel’s study stated that there were a total of 1.01 million mobile banking users in 2014, with the Departments (States) of Francisco Morazan where the Tegucigalpa metropolitan area is the largest populated area of the Department; and Cortes where San Pedro Sula is the largest populated area of the Department;  accounting for the highest penetration rates of 37.39 percent and 23.61 percent respectively.

Honduras is currently amongst the top 15 markets globally in terms of the proportion of adults actively using mobile money,

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