Motagua Champions League Group Finale

Motagua has only pride on the line in Thursday’s game. Currently at the bottom of the table in the Honduran Apertura, and having earned zero points in Group A, the match represents a potential silver lining in what has been a trying season for the Ciclón Azul (Blue Cyclone).

Mogagua’s opponent, Galaxy, however is taking no chances. Head coach Bruce Arena on Tuesday said, “They’re playing at home and I think that it’s going to be a big game for them. I think that they’re going to play really hard and obviously try to beat us. We have to be prepared for them to play their best game in group play and we have to be ready to play as well.”

As the Galaxy look to advance to quarterfinals with a victory in Tegucigalpa, they expect no favors, not from the crowd, nor the injury report and especially not from Motagua themselves.

“We’re expecting the worst,” said Galaxy captain Landon Donovan, who last played in Honduras in a World Cup qualifier in 2009. “If it’s anything different than that, it will be a plus, but regardless of all that, we just need to win the game.”

1. Morelia (Mexico) 4-2-0 (11-5) 12 points
2. Alajuelense (Costa Rica) 4-2-0 (8-6) 12
3. Galaxy 3-2-0 (7-4) 9
4. Motagua (Honduras) 0-5-0 (2-13) 0

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