MP Says No to Zelaya Reinstatement

The National Congress asked several institutions on Nov. 4th, including the Public Ministry, to submit their opinion on point number five of the Tegucigalpa-San Jose Accord, which attributes the decision of whether to “roll back ownership of the executive branch to the previous state before June 28th, until the end of the current government term ends on January 27, 2010″.

The Public Ministry (Ministerio Publico – MP) legal adviser today provided to the Secretariat of Congress the legal opinion on the return or not of Manuel Zelaya. The MP has determined that the return of the former president is not appropriate, as he is not present in court to answer the 18 charges against him.

Melvin Duarte, spokesman for the MP, said the institution responded to the request of Congress and conducted the analysis of the fifth item of the agreement, with the team that supports the Attorney General. “It has sent a legal analysis according to the Constitution of the Republic and the laws of the country,” said Duarte.

National Congress President, Jose Alfredo Saavedra, has convened a meeting on December 2nd to begin the discussion on the return of the presidency to Manuel Zelaya.

“The only request pending is the opinion of the Supreme Court”, according to the Vice President of the National Congress, Nassar Ramon Velasquez. The full Court of Judges was convened today to define a legal opinion on whether or not to reinstate Manuel Zelaya. “I think that tomorrow the report will be at the Secretariat of the Congress”, said Mr. Valasquez.  Right now it is obvious the Congress is not going to analyze the documents immediately. He added that “probably” on Monday, November 30th, they will review the feedback received to begin “preparing for the meeting on December 2nd” at 10:00 am.

He recalled that President Roberto Micheletti has requested that the discussion on the return of Zelaya be done in a transparent manner “with the presence of means for the Honduran people and the world to learn of the decisions that the Congress will make.”

3 Responses to "MP Says No to Zelaya Reinstatement"

  1. Axel Reyes Bogran  November 27, 2009 at 6:31 am

    After spending a whole day and night Giving Thanks for all the good things that we have, and for the bad ones that we do not have, it is simply fantastic to read something like this, a decision which once again confirms that Honduras Law demmands and commands respect.

    Mel Zelaya has no respect for the Honduran people, this is very obvious to anybody watching the events surrounding his ousting and all the calls he has made since for chaos destruction and death.

    Many of his followers show the same level of disrespect and lack of love for country when they keep also trying to impose on Honduras a political system that the majority of Hondurans simply despise, as it has been proven time and again for many decades.

    I wonder if this criminals and thugs who want so badly to transform Honduras into a Socialist police state stop to wonder why is it that they cant.

    What do they think, that the police has a chrystal ball that tells them who and where they are?

    I got some news for you dumb f…s, it is your neighbors, who call the police when they see you moving suspiciously in the middle of the night, and they do it because they do not want what you want to give.

    Leave us alone already, go and live in a country that already has that system as a form of government, that way you do not have to waste your energy trying to bring about unwanted change and simply work as slaves for the Supreme Leader, be it castro or Chavez, but in our beautiful and peace and freedom loving country of Honduras, all you are is a discease.

  2. gonow  November 26, 2009 at 1:38 pm

    the congress meets on.. dec 2 to give zelaya the bad news again …………..i think shortly after that he will disapear he might fake a sicknes and maybe chavez will send a few helicopters to pick him up ……. everyone will say where is mel and this time they can say for real …… zelaya flew the coup …… he is not going to hang around to face those 18 charges against him………

  3. Al  November 26, 2009 at 10:29 am


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